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Soya bean meal is probably the best quality vegetable protein source widely used around the world. It is high in protein and energy and has a good amino acid profile. 95% of the nitrogen present is true protein, making it ideal for all livestock. High protein Soya does not have the hulls re-blended and is, therefore, lower in fibre, but higher in protein than other sources. It is also known as Soya Bean Meal, is a pale, brownish feed which is occasionally pelleted, but predominantly is available as a gritty meal. It comprises the residues of soya beans once they have been rid of oil by extraction or expelling. The naturally occurring trypsin inhibitor is deactivated by controlled heat treatment, the biggest advantage of which reduces protein degradability in the rumen. Hi Pro Soya provides a rich source of protein. Indeed, soya bean meal is the most widely used supplementary source of protein worldwide.


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