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MOEPL refiend palmolein is derived from paim oil, Palmolein, the liquid, more unsaturated fraction separated from palm oil, after crytallization by winterization at a controlled temperature, The olein consists of more homogeneous mixture of triglycerides and has properties and uses, which are different from original plam oil. MOEPL refined palmolein is a transparent, clear, low in clour, bland taste & odour and passes the intermational cold test.

Applications of Palmolein

  • MOEPL refined palmolein is the best for human consumption best as a cooking oil, salad oil and frying media with high keeping quality of fried products.
  • MOEPL refined palmolein can be used for making vanaspati, various bakery shourtening and interesterified fats.
  • It can be used for blending with refined soyabeen oil, refined groundnut oil, refined sunflower oil and can be sold as cheaper commodity 'Blended Vegatable Cooking Oil' in the packed form.
  • MOEPL refined palmolein can be used in the food products industries.

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