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MURLI Soya Refined Oil is a clear and light oil manufactured under strict quality control and totally untouched by human hands with latest technology. It not only enhances the taste of your food but also keeps your family healthy and wise from dawn to dusk.

MURLI Soya Refined Oil is packed in a multilayer packing to retain the natural quality and freshness. It also contains good amount of PUFA and MUFA which are considered essential for the human body.

Packaging Available

  • 15 KG Tin / Jar
  • 15 Lit Tin / Jar
  • 5 Litre Jar
  • 1 Litre Pouch


  • FFA-0.028%
  • Acid Value – 0.055%
  • R.I. at 40 Degree Celcius – 1.4669
  • Color in 5 ΒΌ V Cell Y+5R – 9 Units
  • Peroxide Value : 0.29 Mequ./Kg
  • Iodine Value : 132.58
  • Halphan Test : Negative
  • Argemone Oil Test: Negative
  • Sp.Gra. at 30 Degree Celcius : 0.910
  • Flash Point: 279 Degee Celcius


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